Jon Staben
The Person 
My Opinion 
Jon C. Staben
Life Long Freeport Resident
Vietnam Veteran
Freeport Illinois is my home town. Yes I am proud to proclaim myself a Freeport Pretzel.
For over 65 years I focused on working and raising a family in Freeport a prosperous and growing community providing for the security, education and entertainment needs of my family.  I believed my hometown to be a well rounded and a great place to grow up and live.
I am a businessman not a politician and as such see organizational management in a different light.  Freeport has been on the decline for a number of years now.  I believe the world around us has changed and unless we approach community development and city administration from a business prospective and not politics as usual Freeport will continue to decline.
If elected I will manage the City of Freeport in a business form with the understanding that government is not a traditional business.  I will not just govern the community but lead it in a different direction based on the values of Honesty ,Integrity, Openness, and Fair Play.
It is the responsibility of government to provide its citizens with the Security and Services their tax's have paid for.  As a business professional I believe I can provide the leadership and management skills needed to change the economic direction of Freeport.
I see the need for new non-retail business in Freeport.  It is imperative that we do all we possibly can to support and retain our current employer's large and small.  The retention and expansion of our employment base is the only way Freeport will grow and prosper in the future.  I feel a business professional at City Hall is the answer.